Options and Challenges with Lifted Wire Bond Inspection

There are a number of challenges associated with lifted wire bond inspection because there are various different aspects that must be considered during the inspection process.

Generally, wire bond inspection is performed with 2D images and AOI machines that contain wire tracing, wedge analysis, the capability to detect bent and broken wires and overall efficiency. The primary challenge when using a stereo imaging-based technology is that it is highly restricted in producing essential height data in wire bond images.

However, in many cases, 2D inspection is not enough, and 3D AOI machines have to be used to obtain more information. Cortex Robotics provide all-in-one wire bond inspection solutions that are capable of providing information about height image, along with the traditional colour or grayscale images.


If you want to thoroughly examine the adhesive integrity of wire bonds or to find missing wires, a simple electrical test is not sufficient. In such cases, Cortex Robotics has modern Wirebond AOI equipment that is capable of performing various types of inspection on ball-wedge, security bonds, and other types of wire bonds.

These modern AOI machines for lifted bond inspection have customized algorithms to provide quick, reliable, and effective inspection results. Another advantage of customized analysis is that you can cover an extensive range of bond sites, wire paths and component positions with this type of detailed wire bond inspection.

The camera heads used by these machines are capable of covering different types of wire bond inspection including multiple loops, multi-wire connections and varying wire thicknesses. In addition, the type of connection does not matter. Whether they are made of copper, gold, aluminium, or any other material, they can be inspected with these camera heads.

System for Different Requirements

Cortex Robotics provides lifted wire bond inspection solutions for different kinds of business needs. These automatic inspection systems guarantee the best and most reliable results in optical defect detection.

A combination of different AOI solutions can also be implemented to take advantage of several high-end inspection systems at the same time.

Customized Solutions

The good thing about the massive improvements and advancements in the AOI industry is that customized solutions are available to every business. With the implementation of a customized wire bond inspection solution, companies can make sure that automatic inspection systems fit their individual requirements.

Moreover, with customization options available, there are essentially no limits when using wire bond inspection systems as most manufacturers are quite ready to design and manufacture personalized solutions that can fulfil unique inspection demands.

The significant majority of customized solutions are typically integrated into existing production systems to ensure the smooth functioning of the production and inspection process. Similarly, entire electronics and complex inspection systems can be installed quickly and efficiently by experts to ensure the production process is kept up-to-date.

Common Challenges

Though there are many challenges involved in wire bond inspection because it is a multifaceted process that consists of various methods and features, there are some common issues faced when using any lifted bond inspection system. Some of them are:

Stereo imaging is used to determine pixel-wise image data. However, it can be a huge problem in horizontal bonded wires because in objects that have a horizontal structure without any texture, the inspection process can fail or produce insufficient data because the image content is not of good quality. Wires usually have to rotate to solve this issue.

Spacing between parallel vertical wires is also a common challenge with lifted wire bond inspection because 2D AOI systems are usually not able to determine the height range of objects in a scan. In such cases, using 3D AOI machines is important to get complete data and determine the distance between vertical wires.

The chosen direction of the light during the scanning process can result in unwanted shadows being cast in the background of the wires. This issue is very common, especially when you are inspecting a lot of components and wire bonds. However, it is very easy to avoid. You should use a reliable AOI machine and modify the lighting to minimize shadows.

The Bottom Line

The above discussion shows that there are certain features of wire bond inspection and numerous strategies that you must keep in mind before implementing an AOI solution.

Similarly, there are common issues faced in lifted bond inspection, but most of them can be avoided by following some simple tips and tricks and using reliable wire bond AOI equipment such as the one provided by Cortex Robotics.

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