Achieve High Accuracy When Inspecting Loop Height Using AOI

The high-resolution automatic optical inspection (AOI) industry is developing rapidly as the technology enables manufacturers to produce high-quality products with minimum faults and defects.

Moreover, the fact that electronic systems have become more prevalent has also resulted in an increase in the use of semiconductors and surface mount technology (SMT).

AOI solutions save plenty of time for manufacturers. More importantly, it is able to detect minor defects in the products, which in turn minimizes the production of faulty products.

What is Wirebond AOI?

Wirebond AOI machine is a high-resolution Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) machine that has a wide range of applications in different industries due to its numerous features.

Features of Wirebond AOI

Some of the essential features of Wirebond AOI are:

  • Wirebond AOI can automatically focus on the images and the objects. It eliminates the need for manual labour.
  • It can capture the image and inspect it simultaneously.
  • The detection is performed after the die and the wire bonding process is completed.
  • It supports a variety of products inspection.
  • Various types of reject modules such as inking, laser, and sorter marking are available.
  • Wirebond AOI can perform bond and loop height inspection.
  • Magnification can be changed depending on the products and specific objects.
  • It can perform top and bottom inspection with auto adjustment.
  • Radiofrequency identification (RFID) is supportable.
  • Wirebond AOI is scalable, which safeguards your investment.
  • Auto quality analysis features are available.
  • Defective ink and inked vision are easily verified by Wirebond AOI.
  • Inspecting RGB Color Image is possible.
  • Defects like missing wires, sagged wires, smeared bonds, damaged wires, narrow bonding, broken wires, and double wiring can be detected using Wirebond AOI.
  • It has the ability to go offline before rejecting the inspected product.
  • Products like semiconductors, PCBA, substrates, pallets and other such optoelectronic products can be inspected.
  • Translucent products like glass, LEDs, and many others can also be inspected by using the modern AOI solutions provided by Wirebond AOI.

Microelectronic products, like semiconductors, are difficult to perform manual inspection thoroughly. Therefore, modern AOI solutions and 3D inspection are performed to mitigate the faults in such products. New technology and AOI inspection machines like the Vega Series wirebond AOI machine are able to provide high accuracy solder, underfilling, wire bonds, and loop height inspection to ensure the accuracy of the products and their measurements.

In fact, most of the AOI machines can make use of all the measuring and inspection techniques simultaneously. It allows complete inspection of the microelectronics in the same system and hence prevents the need for buying multiple machines for different types of inspections.

Higher Resolution Property

Higher-resolution AOI solutions are critical in making sure that full inspection of the small features like the wire bonds and missing bonds is efficiently performed.

Resolution is a common issue faced by the AOI manufacturers and users because without good resolution, small defects are missed out by the system, and as a result, faulty products are produced.

This is why manufacturers and product inspectors should always ensure that the AOI machine they are using is suitable for the products being inspected.

Leadless Components

The trend of using leadless products has increased manifold due to a great number of applications. Discrete semiconductors (transistors and diodes) also make use of the leadless components.

Such products pose an issue in the AOI because the solder performance cannot be fully inspected and the joints are well-covered in such components. In such cases, Automatic X-ray inspection (AXI) is used along with AOI to detect any faults.

Lighting Configurations

It is significant for the AOI solutions to have a flexible lighting setting for different types of die surfaces and detect these numerous types.

The 3D lighting configurations allow a high contrast between the die edges and substrate, and hence, foreign materials are easily identified.

Wirebond Processes

For loop height inspection and the accuracy of wire bonds, selecting appropriate resolution and repeatability in the AOI machine is very important.

The Vega Series AOI Machine from Cortex Robotics is a high-resolution AOI system that can compare the inspected products and prove optimum inspection results. The results are more accurate and quicker than an MVP for a complete inspection of bond and wires.


Companies that design AOI solutions also develop various types of algorithms to cater to all bond types. In wire bond processes, it is essential that surface quality is inspected before the bonding process to detect any foreign material and remove them.

If such material is successfully detected by the AOI machine, any unnecessary cost required on removal after the bond is done will be eliminated. As a result, the overall manufacturing and inspection process becomes reliable and cost-effective.

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