Vega Wirebond AOI


Our AOI Solutions Supported the Backend of Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

Finished Wafer

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Wafer Inspection

Wafer Sawing

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Wafer Inspection

Die Attachment

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Die Inspection

die inspection AOI machine

Wire Bonding

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Tape & Reel Inspection

Tape and Reel Inspection machine

IC Inspection

Lead Marking

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Leads Cutting

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Leadframe Inspection

leadframe inspection machine

Package Moulding

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Wirebond Inspection

die inspection AOI machine


High Precision 3D Wirebond AOI Solution

Vega is a High Precision Wire bond Inspection (AOI) solution equipped with the latest & high-specification 3D technologies which able to perform a smarter and high accuracy height measurement inspection on the die and on wirebond. It’s designed to support inspection before and after the wire-bonding process. It has the capability to inspect the top and bottom of the 3 types of products (Leadframe, Substrate & Pallet) with only a few steps of recipe change. The 3D Wire Bond Inspection has the ability to detect not only the common wire bond defect but also defects such as wire drop, die tilt, and more. It comes with a multi-choice of reject modules that suit your need, for example, laser marking, laser cutting, inking, and Pick&Place.


To Business

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Full Solution
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Increase Quality
Quick identify & Fix defects process

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Improve Reputation
Less defects products increase
customer satisfaction

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Reduce Wastage
Defects can be detect at the earlier

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Save Time & Cost
Process can be simplify and less
labour cost

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24 hours operation
Maximize production yield

To User

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Inspection cover each unit of
products without miss

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Data Collection
Enabling tracking & data analysis

multiple detection

One AOI Machine
Multiple types defects inspection

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Easy Control
Simple Instruction manual with
own recipe setting

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Reliable Result
Consistent inspection criteria

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100% Automatic Process
Replace manual inspection

Key Features

Multiple Magazine Conveyor

multiple magazine conveyor

1D / 2D / RFID Magazine Reader

1D / 2D / RFID Magazine Reader

Other Features

Quality Analysis System

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Generate Report

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High-Resolution Camera & Auto focusing

camera icon

8 to 1 Centralised Verification System

8 to 1 Centralised Verification System

SECSGEM Compatible


Auto frame width Adjustment

Auto frame width Adjustment

Able to perform offline verification before reject

Able to perform offline verification before reject

Optional Features

Reject Modules (inking, sorter & laser marking)

Reject Modules

Bottom inspection

Bottom inspection

Long Term Storage (up to 3 months)

Long Term Storage

Offline Teaching

Offline Teaching


Substrate, Leadframe and Pallet

Substrate, Leadframe and Pallet


Wire short, wire broken, wire sagging, wire sweeping, torn bond, wire missing, double-bond, lifted wire, lifted ball, ball dimension, particle on die, die off set, epoxy overflow, lead bent, lifted stitch