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Astra Components AOI


Automotive Component

Astra-AOI, is a perfect inspection solution for automotive parts inspection, especially the complex and high-quality parts produced using plastic injection molding. Our smart inspection software has the capability to inspect a wider range of plastic injection defects with more accurate and reliable inspection results compare to human inspection. It is able to support different types of product inspection with different types of customized trays with only a few steps of recipe change. The manufacturer has the choice to upgrade their inspection process to fully automated by connecting it to their production line or semi-automated by manually loading the parts to the tray to inspect.


To Business

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Full Solution
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Increase Quality
Quick identify & Fix defects process

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Improve Reputation
Less defects products increase
customer satisfaction

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Reduce Wastage
Defects can be detect at the earlier

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Save Time & Cost
Process can be simplify and less
labour cost

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24 hours operation
Maximize production yield

To User

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Inspection cover each unit of
products without miss

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Data Collection
Enabling tracking & data analysis

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One AOI Machine
Multiple types defects inspection

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Easy Control
Simple Instruction manual with
own recipe setting

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Reliable Result
Consistent inspection criteria

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100% Automatic Process
Replace manual inspection

Key Features

Customized Tray to fit your inspection products

Customized Tray to fit your inspection products

Top & Bottom Inspection

Top & Bottom Inspection

Multiple Zoom Inspection

Multiple Zoom Inspection

Colour & Mono Inspection

Colour & Mono Inspection

Semi – automated Inspection

Semi automated Inspection

Other Features

Traceability defect image & unit log for verification

Traceability defect image & unit log for verification

Support Offline/ Off-site Programming

Support Offline

E-Mapping to match tray capacity

E-Mapping to match tray capacity

Generate Report for data analysis

Generate Report


Critical automotive parts such as Car key rob, fascia, emblem and etc

automotive parts inspection


Surface cosmetic Inspectiondented, contamination, crack, chipping, scratches, stain, fisheye, fiber
Silkscreen Printing Inspectionexcess, incomplete printing, missing printing, particle, poor printing, smearing
3D measurement + flatness & thicknessdiameter flatness, height & width, pitching, positioning, thickness
car remote control inspection