About Cortex Robotics

CORTEX ROBOTICS Sdn Bhd was established and located in Penang, Malaysia.

CORTEX ROBOTICS Sdn Bhd is focused on automated optical inspection (AOI) solution & equipment for demands across various industrial sectors including medical, semiconductor, automotive and electronics.

We are fully specialized in providing embedded vision solutions of which comply with clients’ inspection requirement. Incorporating advanced technology, we integrate our custom-made hardware and software to deliver easy-to-use-and-automate equipment with high accuracy defect detection to attain high productivity in solving manufacturing difficulties.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. In a bid to assist our clients succeed, we are committed to deliver equipment of exceptional quality that guarantees optimum performance together with cost-effective support & services. We have international agents and distributors in many countries and regions such as Singapore, Thailand, Philippine, China and Taiwan. Customer process improvement is our successful legacy.


Building vision system, with the accuracy of the computer, and the intelligence of human.


Cortex Robotics strive to become the Market Leader in providing excellent & revolutionary Vision System & AOI Equipment Solution.