What is Machine Vision?

An automatic inspection that is mainly based on the images can be done through the new technology called Machine Vision. In other words, we can simply say that it is the automated vision inspection system that is one of the most innovative technologies of the present time. It involves so many different types of methods that are helpful in the analysis of various applications. These applications mainly include the control on the process, automated inspection, guidance to robots in industries, and much more.

Well, we all know these days a vision inspection system is completely automated. Here in this blog post, we are going to share with you the information regarding this system in detail.

How does the Machine Vision system work?

The working of automated vision inspection, Machine Vision, is simple and very straightforward. All you have to know are the main steps while working on them. Here is the complete list of steps.

  1. The whole system is relying on sensors that are mainly digital.
  2. This sensor is just protected in the intersection of the cameras used in industries with special optical fibres, which makes it possible to get images through the system.
  3. These images when captured perfectly, are then processed in every form, and used by the hardware and software.
  4. After the processing is done by the software and hardware, the next step involved a complete analysis of an image taken through the sensors in the Machine Vision system.
  5. In the end, the measurements are done to aid decision making.

Is there any difference between Machine Vision and Computer Vision?

Both of these vision inspection systems are quite different from each other in the working, manufacturing, and use at the end of the whole process when the interpretation of the data is finally done. The difference between Machine Vision and Computer Vision is very simple and straightforward.

In the case of Machine Vision, the camera is used for viewing the images, while in the case of the Computer Vision system, the algorithms are made use of in the whole processing. After this, interpretations are made for the image taken through the system, and in the end, the other components are introduced so that the data collected related to it is effective and true in every possible form and direction in which it is going to be used.


Many used to think that the vision inspection system is the one in which there are just a few methods that are used for the analysis and inspection of various applications. Well, this is not true. As aforementioned, machine vision is not only about this. It includes so many different types of software and hardware products, the system which is integrated, expertise and much more than just the automated inspection system used by many people. For more information, get in touch with our friendly staff.

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