Glove AOI Inspection System: Benefits and Features

As the world’s leading supplier of medical gloves (examination and surgical gloves), Malaysia supplies more than 50% of the global demand. Thanks to the country’s rich natural resources and high natural rubber production, Malaysia is expected to retain its leading position in glove manufacturing and export, generating RM38 billion from exports in 2021, higher than the RM35.3 billion posted in 2020, according to the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia’s glove industry is booming. However, due to the global strong demand for gloves, stiff competition among glove manufacturers is expected as more players enter the industry. To stay competitive, more and more glove manufacturers in Malaysia are adopting Glove AOI Inspection System.

The state-of-the-art inspection technology brought over by AOI has drastically reduced the issues and complications faced by the glove manufacturing industry ensuring that costs are kept to the minimum by detecting faults early in the production line.

Glove AOI Inspection Systems

The Glove AOI inspection system is distinctively designed to inspect the glove quality during the pre- and post-strip processes. It comes with full modules covering the inspection for different parts of the gloves and is proven to offer growth and success to glove manufacturers.

Glove AOI inspection ensures that:

  • the product is of high quality before leaving the production line
  • the products are built correctly and without manufacturing faults

Module Key Features

A 360° full inspection from fingertip to body, body to former.

  • Inspection is on the fly connected to the manufacturing process
  • The system fitted into the machine
  • The system shares one processing station (centralized server)


Glove AOI inspection is suitable for:

  • Latex
  • Rubber
  • Nitrile gloves

Benefits Of Automated Optical Inspection On Gloves

To users 

  1. Data collection: enabling tracking & data analysis
  2. 100% automatic process: replaces and eliminates the need for manual inspection
  3. Easy control: uses simple instruction manuals with own recipe setting
  4. Inspection cover: inspection covers each unit of products without missing
  5. Patented design: performs advanced technologies inspection
  6. Reliable results: consistent inspection criteria

To businesses

  1. All-round inspection: performs 360° inspection
  2. 24-hour operation: 24×7 operation maximizing production output
  3. Improved reputation: reduces defective products which, in turn, increases customer satisfaction
  4. Increased quality: quickly identifies and fixed manufacturing defects
  5. Reduced wastage: defects are detected at the earlier stage which, in turn, reduces wastage
  6. Higher efficiency & lower cost: simplified processes help save time and reduce labour cost

Inspection Capabilities 

The glove AOI system is capable of successfully detecting flaws in the manufactured gloves. In this regard, the use of algorithms to detect the defects in gloves can further enhance the accuracy of the inspection, giving glove manufacturers a competitive edge in precision, efficiency, quality and manufacturing costs.

  • Not fully covered (fingertip)
  • Wrist tearing
  • Touching
  • Double dipping
  • No beading
  • Hole
  • Dirt & stain
  • Knocking

Wrapping Up

Glove AOI systems continue to gain traction on the market as gloves manufacturers are rapidly adopting this technology based on the unparalleled combination of high speed, high accuracy, and high resolution.

To fully enjoy the benefits of the glove automated optical inspection system, the installation process must not be rushed.

To find out more details about the AOI system and how it can help grow your glove business, feel free to get in touch with our specialists for a professional consultation.

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