VEGA SERIES High Precision 3D Wirebond AOI Solution


Vega Series – secure every single wire bond with our high precision wire bond inspection (AOI) solution, own the latest, smartest and the most accurate in high-specification 3D technologies for die and wire bond inspection.

Are you wasting materials in the wire bonding stage? Clueless in finding a solution to support your wire bonding processes? Do faulty wire bonds negatively impact your productivity and profit?

Secure every single last wire bonding on your components!

The Vega Series is our solution to help support your wire-bonding processes. You can now perform inspections before and after the wire-bonding process using top and bottom inspections for 3 product types, the Leadframe, the Substrate and the Pallet.

This AOI solution is capable of not just detecting common defect but also detects wire drop, die tilt and more. The multi-choice rejection modules such as laser marking, laser cutting, inking and Pick & Place is suitable for all your productivity needs.

Vega Series is your Full Solution to Check, Mark and Sort your products, enabling you to:

  • detect defects in early stages reduce wastage, saves manufacturing cost
  • simplify the wire bonding process, reducing labour cost
  • quick identification and fixes prevents faulty products from ever being sent out, improves customer satisfaction and brand reputation
  • maximize yield with 24-hour production capability

Take your wire-bonding processes to the cutting-edge:

  • no-miss product inspection ensures every unit is scrutinized, data collection and tracking capabilities allows data analysis to optimize productivity.
  • simple instruction manual reduces training time and allows for custom recipe settings, easy-to-use fully automated operations eliminates human errors in manual inspections.
  • a single AOI Machine is reliable in detecting multiple types of defects using consistent inspection criteria, it is a truly efficiency solution.

Managing the Vega Series is simplified with its multiple magazine conveyor, with its Magazine Orientation Sensing and usage of either 1D/2D/RFID Magazine Reader, Magazine Count and Lot Checking is never easier. It is also SECSGEM Compatible, allowing you to change recipes and control the system remotely while monitoring the process in real-time. It’s high resolution, auto-focusing camera ensures quality inspection and report generation.

Optionally, inking, sorting and laser marking can be performed on rejection modules. An offline teaching module streamlines training.

The Vega Series is suitable for the inspection of the Substrate, Leadframe and Pallet, and is capable of detecting:

  • smear bond, narrow bond, epoxy underfill and overfill
  • damaged wire, double wire, broken wire, missing wire, sagging wire, wire tail
  • double die, offset die, chipped die, cracked die

Contact Cortex Robotics today for more information on the Vega Series at (+604) 638 6199 or via email at or our website for detailed graphical information!