Nova Series Plastic Injection Moulding AOI


Nova Series – take full control of your plastic parts manufacturing with our FULL AOI solutions, be at the top of the industry with Nova Series’ checking, sorting and marking capabilities.

Are defective products slipping through your lines into your customer’s hands? Is there material wastage from faulty machineries? Are there so many warranty claims that they are hurting your profit?

Stop these defective plastic parts from ruining your company’s reputation!

The Nova Series inspects any critical plastic parts such as smart devices parts, semiconductors parts, connectors, medical supplies and etc

Stop shipping ALL dented, contaminated, chipped, stained, scratched, products, to your customers with the Nova Series!

We can help eliminate dimensional defects including diameter, height, thickness, flatness, positioning, absence presence, mark reading from ever reaching your customers!


Nova series is your Full Solution to Check, Mark and Sort your products, allowing:

  • early defect detention minimize wastage, saving you time and cost
  • 24 hours operations capability with quick defect identification and fix to increase production quality, ensuring maximum yield
  • fewer defective products sent to the customers to improve brand reputation, creating more happy customers


Modernise your production capabilities with the Nova Series:

  • comes with a straightforward operation instruction manual, reduces training time with easy controls that allows customized recipe setting
  • 100% automatic operation with consistent inspection criteria, eliminates human errors from manual inspections while ensuring result reliability.
  • individualized inspection ensures nothing is missed, every unit produced is properly examined
  • catch a wide array of defects with just one AOI Machine, a cost-efficient solution to ensure that no type of defects goes unnoticed
  • optimize your productivity with data tracking & analysis, your most efficient production is now secured


The Nova Series makes you the best in the industry, empowering you with the best systems at every step. Marking modules are created on defects to ensure proper sorting, this allows traceability by creating defect images while a unit log and report is generated for data analysis. You can even perform offline/off-site programming with this system while our e-mapping feature ensures that tray capacities are matched. An optional rejection verification centre ensures that marking modules are executed properly. Additionally, a 6-sided inspection of your product is also possible!

Contact Cortex Robotics today for more information on the Nova Series at (+604) 638 6199 or via email at or our website for detailed graphical information!