Precision Measurement

Precision Measurement



AOI-Fabrication, Precision Engineering & Plastic Injection Molding

cortex robotics P500 AOI precision machine
  • Semi-Automatic AOI:
    • Manual load with Standard fixturing hole.
    • Product inspected directly on a tray or user
    made jig/fixtures.
    • Auto inspection X/Y/Z sequencing with
    multiple views & lighting setup.
    • Inspection result is displayed on the monitor.
  • Fully Automatic AOI:
    • Small tray size 260x160mm.
    • Large tray size up to 420x350mm.
    • Dual or Multi Magazine Loader & unloader.
    • Fully auto adjustable width conveyor.
    • Sorting/Laser Mark machine after inspection.
    • Optional VRF – Verification of reject units by
    operator manually

Inspected Products

  • Fabricated parts
  • Automotive Key Fob
  • Hard disk spacer
  • Connectors
  • Bearing and more
  • Plastic Injection molded parts

Inspection Capabilities

Surface Cosmetic Inspection

Mark Inspection

3D Measurement + Flatness

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