Injection Molded Parts Inspection




Injection Molded Parts Inspection

Main Features Highlight

  • Perform detection after the die bonding and wire bonding process.
  • Ability to focus on different heights (e.g. LED wirebond and lenses.
  • Ability to change magnification for different products or  specific objects.
  • Bottom inspection
  • 3rd Optical & 100% VI inspection
  • WLP (Wafer Level Packaging) Inspection

Inspected Products

  • PCB
  • Wafer
  • Components on board

Inspection Capabilities

  • Absence/presence of component on board. Most thru hole component including ECap, connectors, crystal,  resistor, PDIP housing, voltage regulator.
  • Detect Reverse Polarity for ECap, Connectors & PVR.
  • Mixed ECap component placement. Detect  different diameter only and not capacitor values  or color.

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